The book "Finansiell reglering och tillsyn", Studentlitteratur 2019, is now availible and Torbjörn have written one chapter about the positioning of second line. Order your copy direclty from me!

Torbjörn have be co-writer in a PhD essay on "Time for change: The role of professional self-esteem in relation to industry support of banking reforms in Sweden" at School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg.

Thesis from the Executive MBA program at Stockholm Business School/Stockholm University.

"Den anpassningsbare överlever

- Den ökade regeleringens effekter på svenska banker"


An article that Torbjörn wrote on the subject

"Risk för ett bankernas myopia" published in Tidningen Balans #1 2016


On 2 November 2015 was the thesis first presented on SvD Näringsliv Bank Summit in Stockholm.

You find the thesis, in Swedish, to the right..


From 2016 have the survey been conducted yearly.

The results is published on this website.


From 2018 is the survey expanded to also include Norway, Denmark and Finland.


If you want to participate in the next survey, please send an email or a PM on LinkedIn.


An interview with Torbjörn Jacobsson in Webb-TV about the Executive MBA from 2016.

År 2 - Den anpassningsbare överlever

En begränsad analys och kort rapport om den andra undersökningen som gjordes i maj 2016.

År 1 - Den anpassningsbare överlever

En summeringsversion av uppsatsen

I andra rutan nedan finns den fulla versionen av uppsatsen.

År 3 - Den anpassningsbare överlever

En begränsad analys och kort rapport om det tredje årets undersökning som gjordes i mars 2017.

Year 4 (2018) - The adaptable suvives

A report on this year survey.

The survey was open in May 2018.

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