Torbjörn Jacobsson

Owner and founder


Executive MBA from Stockholm University (2015)

Finalist to the Swedish award GRC-profile of the year 2016


I have for over 25 years build and developed small banks from positions as executive manager in risk, finance and IT. I have been an active member in several committees within the Swedish Bankers Association. This has given me a broad experiance and knowledge on banking business conditions, regulations and how an efficiant risk management can support the business and customer experiance.


I´m a frequent speaker at conferences, author,

guest lecture at universities and was finalist of the Swedish award

GRC-profile of the year 2016.


I have experiance from the banking and insurance industry but also from manufactoring and B2B sales industry.


 In the companies that I have been active in have all been in a growth journey. I have been able to contriubute with an helicopter perspective as well as pure operational leadership..


 I always try to guide my staff to be even better and to walk the extra mile. I have been mentor for several Risk and Credit professionals.

As from August 2019 am I Vice chairman of the board of directors and Chairman of the Audit, Risk and Compliance committee of Sörmlands Sparbank.

I am also a board member of Loomis Pay since 2020
and MTI Investment SE since 2021.

I am also co-founder and CEO of FinTech Africa AB and Mtaji Wetu Finance Tanzania Limited.

Consulting T Jacobsson AB was founded in April 2018 by merging with my personal unlimited company (enskilda firma) Ekonsult T Jacobsson that was founded in 1993.